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Jeep Take & Make at home kit

Jeep Take & Make at home kit

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Orders are processed within 3-5 business days from receiving your order.

To make sure you order what you want here's a description of each downtown....

Size Matters 

  • This is important -
  • 12" is a great size for kids and wreath decorations   
  • 18" is a great size for a small door hanger. This size is also recommended for shipping.
  • 22" is our normal door hanger size 

Next section is you choice of kit 

  • This is also very important -
  • "I would like just the wood Blank"  This means you will not get any paint you will only receive the unfinished "blank" wood piece. This choice is perfect is you already have paints rope and ribbon for a bow.
  • "I need the deluxe kit" This means you will get everything you need to complete the project. Cutout, Paint, Rope, 2 paint brushes and bow (12" does not come with a bow) 

Final section is colors for your kit 

  • "I don't need anything, I order a blank" This is if you ordered a blank 
  • "I would like the colors used in the sample" You will receive the exact colors shown in the picture of the project painted. 
  • "I want to choose my colors" You can choose 3 colors from the swatches shown and these will be the colors you will receive. 

 Other Info; 

If you need extra painting supplies such as paint brushes and paint you can purchase them on our supply page HERE! 

You can also find painting videos on our Facebook and YouTube page. 

Happy Crafting!

Just the blank – unfinished – this is just the wood cutout, nothing else. You can choose the size to best fit your needs from the drop down. Choose if you would like holes in your cutout for rope or not, you can also choose to have the etched lines on your cutout (if available) for step by step painting (video posted below). Please note the 3D pieces come with 12” or bigger

Build your kit – This is the ultimate DIY kit offered in the industry. YOU choose what comes in your kit and what does not.

Options are:

  • Pick your size
  • Choose if you want rope and door hanger or stake for yard art
  • Add paints – you will get 2oz paint of colors shown
  • Let us know if you need a bow or if you have one
  • Next choose if you need paint brushes. This will be a pack of 10
  • All our set of Pokka Dotters for Pokka Dotes (set of 4)
  • Add the paint pens for shading and details for your project
  • Instructional Video to follow along

 Complete kit – This come with the wood piece, paints for your piece, 2 paint brushes, bow, rope or yard stake (upcharge for the yard stake) and video instructions, Wood glue if you have 3d pieces. You can choose the size of your kit in the dropdown..

Please note although we try to make an instructional video for each and every kit sometimes it's impossable because we make new kits everyday and sometimes we just don't have enough time to paint each one for a videos. To help with this we have a tons of videos in our video libary that will help give you an idea of how to paint. You can also refference the finished picture of your kit on the website to help with painting. Wood glue if you have 3d pieces. You can choose the size of your kit in the dropdown.

Other Info; 

If you need extra painting supplies such as paint brushes and paint you can purchase them on our supply page HERE! 

You can also find painting videos on our Facebook, Vimeo page and YouTube page. 

Effective 12/2020 new pickup location is in Covington. You will be emailed address and defections when your order is complete. 

Our pick-up option is a way for our customers to order what they need and what online prior to coming in the store. This is convenient way to make sure you will get exactly what you need when you need it. 

To pickup simply check out on our website and at the end choose your date and time to pick up. 

COVID-19 UPDATE 12/25/2020 Mandeville pick up is now changed to Covington and you will receive the address when your item is ready from pickup. 

We can not do same day pickups at this time because everything is cut to order.

If you have any questions please feel free to email allbarnnew@gmail.com 

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