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Paint Supply Bundle

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Need the extras that our paint packs offer? They are perfect to have around for crafting. 

Painting door hanger or cutouts? Then you need the door hanger bundle. 

This bundle includes;

  1.  set of 8 pack of assorted paint brushes 
  2. set of 4 circle paint dabbers 
  3. 10 2oz All Barn New paints 

Painting a sign? Then you need the sign bundle. 

This bundle includes; 

  1. 2 foam brushes 
  2. 3 paint dabbers 
  3. 1 picker
  4. 1 scrapper 
  5. 1 sanding block 
  6. 10 2oz All Barn New paints 

Each of the above bundles come in different shade. 1) Primary Colors 2) Rustic Colors 3) Bold Colors 4) Pastel Colors