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Porch Pumpkin W/stand Take & Make at home kit

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Put it on your porch or display it in your house! This pumpkin come with the stand so you can easily display it without hanging. The Happy Fall Y’all is 3D pieces that you will attach with the wood glue provided. 

Orders are processed within 3-5 business days from receiving your order.

To make sure you order what you want here's a description of each downtown....

Size Matters 

  • This is important -
  • 12" is a great size for kids and wreath decorations   
  • 18" is a great size for a small door hanger. This size is also recommended for shipping.
  • 22" is our normal door hanger size 

Next section is you choice of kit 

  • This is also very important -
  • "I would like just the wood Blank"  This means you will not get any paint you will only receive the unfinished "blank" wood piece. This choice is perfect is you already have paints rope and ribbon for a bow.
  • "I need the deluxe kit" This means you will get everything you need to complete the project. Cutout, Paint, Rope, 2 paint brushes and bow (12" does not come with a bow) 

Final section is colors for your kit 

  • "I don't need anything, I order a blank" This is if you ordered a blank 
  • "I would like the colors used in the sample" You will receive the exact colors shown in the picture of the project painted. 
  • "I want to choose my colors" You can choose 3 colors from the swatches shown and these will be the colors you will receive. 

 Other Info; 

Below is the tutorial for this kit. Don't forget to join our exclusive group just for our customers that purchase kits. Join here  

If you need extra painting supplies such as paint brushes and paint you can purchase them on our supply page HERE! 

Happy Crafting!